Brookfield ~ Songs From Mountains East And West

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Pamme Swan
Pamme Swan


Brookfield Horse trails Nine Mile Bliss

In my back yard my backyard

How did I miss this

Take me off your mailing list

I just don’t get your drift

I’m heading for a forest trail give my soul a little lift

Stolen Horses Water lilies

Meandering stream

Loomis gang a riding In a far away dream

Write me off of your routine

I never got the bond

I'm inside the Blue Line Stillwater and beyond

Mother Marion’s Hummingbirds are dive bombing me

Campsite forty five a paradise to camp for free

Out to the driftwood god beach tree bones in the sand

I’m an empty nest on a reservoir with paddle in my hand

Windy boy has flown away the tall girl could sing

Why do sad things always happen in threes

Our elders growing ever older form to formless not dead

White ghosts of themselves living drugged out in their beds

So many places to get lost and ponder all of this

So many things I should of done differently

Its my children I miss

History pours everywhere complicated and vast

Folk lore and legends hunting me down from the past

Need Slow down Need to go down to Nine Mile Bliss

In my back yard, my back yard

How did I miss this

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