Dr. Bronner ~ Year Of First's

Pamme Swan
Pamme Swan


It's amazing what living without power for six days can do for the ole writer's block! Thanks to Hurricane Irene.

I'm so totally grateful to only have been without power rather than the horrendous flooding our neighbors to the south of us are still cleaning up.

Ed Vollmer ~ Ukulele

Steven Skollar ~ Mandolin

David Williams ~ Washboard

Me ~ Acoustics and vocals


Dr. Bronner



After a lonely spell of mucking in the mire

Of these arduous days gone past

An being the left out of the sixties hippy that I is

I thought it high time thanks to Irene

To pay homage after a recent reunion

With my old and faithful friend

Dr. Bronner

 No power No shower 

Oh Irene now that your beyond

It looks like me and Dr. Bronner 

Up at the reverend's pond


It's down home green living

It's good old fashioned home steading

It's me and Dr. Bronner 

Getting a good lather on


He's peppermint with wings

He smell so fine he stings

Always there for a good read

He's the godliness of clean

It's just me and Dr. Bronner




The ball jars aint popping

But there's an old oak tree for chopping

Lamp oil and kerosene

Look what you did to me Irene

Wet bed sheets on the line

Tomato's torn from the vine

It's just me and Dr. Bronner

Getting a good going on


My canning pots a sink

Hauling water up from the creek

I miss my apple TV

Lord whats to become of me

Well it's just me and Dr. Bronner

Up at the reverend's pond

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