Gussy Up The Girl

Pamme Swan
Pamme Swan


Aurora got to complaining that I never wrote her a song. Shame on me until this poppy little diddy came along!


Gussy Up

Pamme Swan


I was a feather selling wench

With bad ole English

In a castle by Chicago

I made Aurora

Now she's all grown up

All smart and fun and pretty 

Gussy up the girl Aurora's going to the city


Gussy up the girl 

In a gown of shooting stars 

Gussy up the girl 

to travel wind and far

Gussy up the girl

Wrap her in white light

Gussy up the girl 

For her beautiful flight


She's a pop of color

On any given day

The kind of sunshine

We call a ray

Now she's all grown up

Equipped to enchant

She can wrap herself around you 

Like a sweet exotic plant




A Cleopatra

With those big brown eyes

A perfect contender 

For Saturday Night live

Now she's all grown up

And she's on her way

My lovely Aurora 

Life's a beautiful day



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