Ode To Martha Stewart ~ Tango Tree

Pamme Swan
Pamme Swan


Martha! I think your wonderful! Thank you for all you've done to keep us housewives creative!


The Holiday Song Ode to Martha Stewart

The holidays are coming around again real fast this year

Hope we get buried in the snow

Get out the skis hang up the wreathes,

Break a wish bone

Christmas Is Coming

Ole Martha’s in her jail cell

Pull cars from the ditch

Shine silver if you’ve got it

I’ve heard she’s a witch

But it’s a good thing

Yes its a good thing Martha Stewart’s living

It’s my turn this year to imitate the queen

Decorate my home to look like a dream

Tip the scales you know its all butter an cream

Hide the bread machine

These times are tough

Its hard to ignore

We got to work with less

An stop wanting more

Humble ourselves simplify our lives

Like Martha a ray of golden sunshine

In my home I’ll break out a box of red wine

Get a game on the cable,

go out make naked snow angels

Play guitar, stoke the fire and watch the snow fall romantic

Children warm in their beds dreaming of something fantastic

Its a good thing Christmas is a coming

Maybe if I sing Martha this song

She’s re-gift me a set of Calphalon

Oh but I’m not proud cause the truth is

I’d have to re-sell it to pay my health insurance

And its a good thing

Oh Martha for you its all been a whirl

You lied an got caught nobody likes a rich girl

But you’ll be ok, you’ll bounce back again

There’s more than one way stuff a holiday hen

Its a good thing

The needles will fall and the snow with pile up

Then March will stomp in like a big brown rut

Oh but Martha will save me she’ll keep me inspired

Its amazing what you can do with a little glue and wire

An its a good thing

Yeah its a good thing

Oh Martha Stewart's living

Oh Martha Stewart's living

Oh Martha Stewart is living

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