Our Sweet Hovels/Patchouli Room

Pamme Swan


Fight the NYRI


 A monstrosity is trying to come

Like a plague through these hills

Stomping up to our window panes

A humming is gonna spill

It’ll radiate our souls you see

And make us wish we were blind

It’ll send wild things to their holes

And make our freedom hard to find

Chorus :Please could we come together

The situations not so mere

Please for the sake of our countryside

And for all that we hold dear

Our small towns are in trouble

With this monster in our skies

Looming over our sweet hovels

And darkening our eyes

Oh you who choose the city life

And live so competitively

Could you just slow down a wee little bit

And take some pity on me

I speak for those who walk the country roads

And still go to the county fairs

For the fact is time ticks slower here A

nd we aren’t going no-where


My grandfather dug potatos

My grandmother she picked pears

My mother jars everything she can

And eats it with out a scare

And the meek shall inherit the earth

Spread my ashes when I die

I’d rather see children pick wild flowers…

Instead of climbing power lines

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