Pamme Swan


This Happened...In Sherburne.


 A pirate sailed into our sleeping town

I was just seventeen

He anchored up on the old Sanitarium road

Where the city kids would come to spread their wings

And the pirate said he had real big plans

If we all bought a little paradise

So I stood in line with the town to get a job

But mostly to see the pirate’s eye

And the pirate yelled and the pirate schemed

He was just this little man

who could make you believe


Make me believe

He could take me out there

Out to see

I sail around with Phoenix’s Rising from a big blue naive sea

Instrumental with recorder

Well the town woke up and started laughing at him

The pirate didn’t have a dime

And his ship went down where the old black bells rings

Paradise can’t be built on a lie

The pirate is my skeleton in a long ago far away dream

When my little town turned radical

I was just seventeen

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