Rim Of The World ~ Songs From Mountains East And West

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Pamme Swan Vocals~Guitar,Jimmy Wunderlich~Line 6, Reyna Stagnaro~ Mandolin, Steve Skollar~Mandolin
Pamme SWan


Thanks To Opera. Inspired by Eckhart Tolle.


Thinking back to summer A thought occurred to me in June

I'd love to start a hobby farm A Senior Citizen Commune

We could all work together

Organic we will grow

An write for Mother Earth Catalog

Cause we're old now an we know

Move it up to the San Bernadino mountains

Plant some pomegranite trees

An sip pom martinis In a honey suckle breeze

Spend the day in a kyack And a night with my guitar

An pretend that hundred dollar bills Fill my lucky life tip jar

Chorus I've been hiking hemlock mountain trails To hear what the old man said

He took a bite and sipped his wine He put these words in my head

Write it down or no one will believe

Take the shots for everyone to see

All the places you've been

An you my dear have been living pretty fat

Your life is living you So your gonna have to dance with that

I've been reading some Oprah books

They've helped to me get through

Just being me Hasn't always been the easiest thing to do

Never understood religion All the politics lead to war

Right is wrong an wrong is right I've heard it all before

Driving up on the rim of the world On the highway of the stars

I'm high above the swirling ocean An an long long way from Mars

I'm pushing away the darkness I'm sitting still in the light

An I'm listening to my quiet while my spirit prepares for flight

Mother Earth met God on a dark and empty day

In the black hole of no where together they found their way

God with all his light said I'm a attracted to you

Mother Earth said "Thats right" and I know just what to do

So God an Mother married so that Jesus could see

An when they touched each other a lucid heaven came to be

Now this isn't the heaven of which we've been fed

This heaven is the quiet behind the mess inside our heads


2nd Chorus ending with

All the places we've been

And we've all been living pretty fat

Life is living us So we're gonna have to dance to that

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