Pamme Swan


 Left my house to solitude to fly down ninety-five

Lucky me cement road reprieve and a sundog trailing behind

There’s a rainbow over Savannah I’ll walk River Street tonight

To the waving girl lets give this a whirl And hoist the truth up into light

He only told you, you couldn’t hear

He could only hold you, your fate was never clear

But your love was a work of art, oh

He’d meet you at the Inn on the corner

And that place up over the store

And he’d make you feel all jangly

Like you never ever loved before

So you waited and you waited and you waited

The sundog flared

And the day was dark as a Georgia night

The day you joined the renaissance fair

You had to run learn how to breathe

You fit right in that land of make believe

Selling feathers from a purple cart.oh

Eternal fans are spinning, eternal tides keep crashing in

Brown backed boys are swimming out to catch the waves rolling in

I’ll sit on this dock and wait for a dolphin or a manatee

I turn around and there he is that sundog watching me

You follow me. Your voice is very clear

All these years later your always there

In the quiet part of my heart

Left my house to solitude to fly down 95 

Lucky me cement road reprieve 

And a sun dog trailing behind

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