The Flight Of Jacque And James Jolly ~ Patchouli Room

Pamme Swan
Pamme Swan


Written in good humor for my cousin.


 Jacque Oh Jacque got a sweet happy head

Smoking an drinking in her husbands' paint shed

Flickin her ash next to quarts of paint thinner

With a gourmet stuffed crust in the oven for dinner

Chorus: James Jolly James Jolly don't you call 911

Just get her up in the sky right up next to the sun

Remember to remember its not in her head

She's not pentecostal with God as her friend

James Jolly is an Englishman with a four seater plane

He teaches Jacque to fly to keep her brian sane

They fly for hundred dollar burgers and twenty dollar wings

Over Pottstown Pennsylvannia I think of these things


Jacque's got a son spoiled beyond recognition

She reminds him of this at the time of ignition

Cause if you want the best boy you got to put out

The higher she gets the less she's without


Jacque was raised Seventh Day Advent

In skirts and knee socks still the rules got bent

Her siblings cut a record cause they sang in a choir

Praising the lord from a mountain while their house was on fire

Blinded by religion Jesus Mary and Joeseph

By the time they were done with there daily devotions

Their porridge was cold and their faces all red

And their bibles all burning under Jacques bed


!st verse over again

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