Winter White Out ~Year Of First's

Pamme Swan
Pamme Swan


Just a simple acoustic Central New York descriptive



I woke up this morning 

In a winter white out

Couldn't see my closest neighbors 

Little yellow house

Hefted on my boots

As the plow went through

Thinking of my toenails 

Painted in summer shoes

Scraped off the windshield 

And warmed the car

Gonna head up to the mountains

And just get away real far


A shit load of snow mobilers 

Buzzing away

In their thousand dollar snow suits

On their thousand dollar day

Amplified bee hives

These mountains have become

Barking dogs all tethered 

To a sled race run

Got my snow shoes on 

Trudging out along

Searching for some peace

I should of just stayed home


Oh very well 

It's just January

Another storm on the way 

To welcome February

I'm sick of these boots

And flipping up this hood

Make my way to the shed 

Haul in another day of wood

No doubt this white out

Has made me blue

Here in Zhivago land

Running out of things to do



And now March is stomping in

like a whole pride of lions!


Red Cardinals and Blue Jays

The only colors I see

Flitting bout the feeders

In the frozen gray trees

Its a good day for curry 

A good day to clean 

A good day for wishing 

Winters weren't so mean

Bring the boil to a simmer 

And tonight I'll dream

Of spring and flowing rivers 

And the sweet sweet smell of green

Of spring and flowing rivers 

And the sweet sweet smell of green

Of spring and flowing river's 

And the sweet sweet smell of green

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