Chris Kocher wrote a very colorful review of Patchouli Room on April 6th for the Binghamton Press Connects. Click on Press/Reviews for this tidbit. The “First Friday” in B-town is a wonderful thing especially when the weather is warm. It wasn't so warm Friday night and it probably hindered the still hunkered up locals of Binghamton. But it was nice to see the people who did come out, dressed in their Friday’s finest, milling around on the streets enjoying the fruits of others. I enjoyed performing at the Arts Mission amongst the sculpture and artwork of Devon Chalfant's "Senses Of Place." Mind provoking once I had the chance to explore his creations. My performance at the mission was the first gig in many years where I didn't use amplification. It was a truly freeing experience and NO CORD WRAPPING OR HEAVY EQUIPMENT HAULING IN THE END! I also had the chance to check out the new Night Eagle Cafe in its new home on State Street. I missed the music but there was an attentive crowd of listeners and drummers coloring up the belly of the Eagle. So all in all it was nice to be in Binghamton, the first city of my childhood. If it were still there I would have left home a little earlier to walk the brown hollow ramps of Philadelphia Sales and sift through the bins of stuff with one hand and a bag of warm, bumpy, buttery popcorn in the other. I would remember then my protesting father saying "We really should get out of here Audrey. This place is a fire trap”! After that, we always went without him. So that’s it for now. Happy Peanut Butter Eggs I mean …Easter Pamme

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