I know! I know! I should go out an get a real job. I honestly had this intention! Get a simple little cooking job or go back to bartending. I've been wanting a normal life after being so busy this summer. Tommy Hoe told me I would never have a normal life. He's right along with this little voice in my head that says. Screw it an stay home! With the price of gas and living so far out it wouldn't be worth it anyway! So much for that degree in Landscape Design! I don't need to be shoveling snow! I'm just having so much fun these days staying home and feeding my free range bunnies, kayaking and hiking, reading and writing. My daughter Aurora is going to school in Ithaca and has been calling me every now and then requesting recipe's from dinner's I've made in the past for birthdays , holidays and drama club overnighters. Which got me thinking! So I'm having a ton of fun here uploading some of my favorite recipe's to my White Swan Gone Green blog which you can find under Swan Store! So this blogging addiction I now have will have to be blamed on Aurora. Thanks honey! I'm also selling my Uncle Milty chair turned Skyway Lounger. You'll see a link for that also under Swan Store Link! The CD is pretty much done! Few more things to wrap up. It'll be for sale on line soon through Tunecore. Most of the songs not in their entirety of course are already here on this website. Hope you like.

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  • Jul 26
    The Colgate Inn,  Hamilton