Year Of First's came to be two years of firsts. Oh well! Can't force creativity! Songs happen along when they do in their own sweet time. There is a song Year Of Firsts on the CD which I'm now naming Hooked On Folk. I just couldn't come up with art work for the cover that correlated with Year Of Firsts. Sitting here at my mac after moving my studio back down stairs where it belongs, and after getting Mom's rugs up on the wall for sound absorption. I realized the CD had to be called Hooked On Folk, as the rug with the bone ivory guitar pin, the last thing my father gave me was pretty much slapping me in the face hanging on the wall right next to where I do my recording. This CD has been in the making for 3 years. Proof of my aging ADHD! It'll be good to get on the other side of it and onward...ta la. 

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  • Jul 26
    The Colgate Inn,  Hamilton