I'd like to thank everyone who came out to the Big Moose Inn this past Friday. The first First Friday was a complete success! I'd like to thank the two Brians, John and Tommy Hoe for their great performances. Next month I'm hoping some Hamiltonians will trudge up the dark and twisty (RT 28) with their instruments for a folk jam. I'll be uploading the new Up The River Cold version with a lovely violin track played by the multi-talented Anne Leone. Anne's violin has added a golden thread through out the song that Noah would be proud of. It truly makes the song. Happy New Year everyone! Something tells me 2008 is gonna be great! I'm starting it off with a new I Mac with a 24 inch screen and a new recording program to learn! Love the challenge!

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The Next Five

  • Jul 26
    The Colgate Inn,  Hamilton