Cancer reared it's ugly head and took my beloved sister Nancy on October 30th 2014. I haven't been altogether normal ever since. I've had some very dark days indeed and could really care about my music let alone writing. I've been netflix addicted and while watching Call The Midwife, a quote from a German elderly lady who survived the Holocost got my attention. "You Just Keep On Living Till You Are Alive Again." So this has been my saving grace. That and Stillwater. I've played at least 50 sets of music up there for countless snowmobilers and my bank account is quite cushie again. My song basket is again filling up with new material to be recorded and I'm looking forward to doing more video with Rich Grant. I'm trudging through this crazy nonsense and will get there one way or another. Ta la...Keep your loved ones close. 

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  • Jul 26
    The Colgate Inn,  Hamilton