It was a strange coincidence that the 2nd First Friday Folk Festival (that was actually the 2nd Friday as the first Friday in July was the 4th) was a the anniversary of Grace Brown's murder and that I had special guest Robin Schade. Robin generously gave me his Grace "Billy" Brown song that goes over so well at the Moose. We both did our version this past Friday an the crowd loved it! So The Big Moose Inn is doing really well this summer! With gas prices so high I thought tourism would be iffy. Thank goodness I was wrong! The dining numbers have more than doubled and Mr. Hankey has informed me the room packages are selling out. Which will keep me playing every Tuesday. Playing on the front porch of the Big Moose Inn is really the most heavenly gig I've ever had! The sun sparkling the water and the many different boats, kayaks, canoes and an occasional seaplane floating in is just beyond words. I'm so lucky! So I packed myself up and headed out to Stillwater to play on Mother Marion's deck the next day an as always had a grand time with a packed deck of Stillwater locals and other people from just about anywhere. I met a young fella by the name of Joseph who was hanging out in the parking lot with his guitar. So I got him over his stage fright an got him up. An incredible player! And only 22 years old. Really so many gifted people out there. I hope to see him again somewhere. Joseph is from outside of Philadelphia somewhere. Sunday I had planned on heading out to Norridgewock to do some exploring and writing but the weather just wasn't co-operating so I bagged it an went home. Which ended up being a good thing as it poured an all my windows were wide open. As good as it is to get out of the's always better to return to my serene valley nestled in the hills of sunny south Hamilton. Love my home. Beaver River! I'm coming! Its a beautiful July day. Getting my gardens weeded and hanging out with my bunnies an cats and of course Ed. I have a parade of animals following me wherever I go around my yard which is really quite comical! If I still had Ducks...well there you have it! Pamme's Ark! Skyway "begging for bucks" letters are stamped and ready for mailing in the morning. I'm really looking forward to this years Skyway and at the same time really looking forward for it to be over as well! Lots of time goes into planning. My CD...It's coming along. I planned on keeping it as simple as possible but some of the songs deserve more. So its back to Orbital Sound with Reyna and Steve on mandolins, Jimmy on acoustic and Scotter on percussion. It'll be sweet. For now! Happy Summer!

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