“Songs From Mountain East And West” has been a wonderful, inspirational journey back into the stories of the lives of several characters from the Adirondack Mountains and Central New York. I’ve spent many hours reading and researching the following characters that I’d like to send up thanks to. Chester Gillette and Grace Brown to start. Noah John Rondeau and the whole Loomis clan. Thank you for calling out to me to read your stories and to the many authors who’ve written and researched their lives. Anne La Bastille my new heroine in my older age! You are with me on every excursion into the Adirondacks. A huge thanks goes out to Rich Grant and Leigh Yardley who spent many hours helping me in my Dell to Mac transition. Also on my thank you list is Robert Hankey for giving my folk music a home for the past two summers and to Catherine Light for her marketing help and insightful artistic direction. Thank you Jimmy Wunderlich, Reyna Stagnaro, Anne Leone and Steven Skollar for your fine musicianship and recording skills. Songs From Mountains East And West was recorded at Orbital Sound Studio, Colgate University and my home studio here in the Hamilton area. For the past two years I’ve had fleeting feelings of the terrible, lonely sadness Grace Brown must of felt as she and her unborn child floated down to their death in the back corner of South Bay on Big Moose Lake. It helps me to think she was reincarnated to my Grandmother who raised five children with a loving husband and in a loving home. So, I’d like to dedicate this collection of songs to these two woman. Grace Brown, March 20th, 1886 ~ June 12th, 1908 and my grandmother Eleanor Celia Brown-Swan, September, 28th, 1913 - .

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