It's been a great winter at Stillwater with below zero temps to keep the reservoir good and frozen and lots of snow to keep the trails groomed. I'm not a snowmobiler but I've heard great reports over the last several weeks. I've met snowmobilers from pretty much everywhere in the north east and Canada and as far as Montana. I've come to the conclusion that winter gigging is better staying in one place. Let the audience come to me! It saves me from driving all over the winter roads! In addition to playing music I'm also having the time of my life helping Joe and Marian run the hotel. I'm cooking, bar tending and waiting tables. My bank account is quite fat and happy at the moment and I'm hoping for a late spring. I'm not posting dates on this site as I'm playing sometimes several times a day or night and several day and nights a week. It's all good…really really good.

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  • Jul 26
    The Colgate Inn,  Hamilton