Since returning from escaping Katrina in New Orleans, I now see Central New York with all its small towns whether quaint or ragged and forgotten, with its open story book shaped hills, its peaceful farms and four seasons with new eyes. I truly live in a beautiful magical place. And now the threat of a monster powerline running through sickens me. I had the chance just recently to see a panaorama shot taken over the rooftops of my home town of Sherburne with the powerline super imposed to get an idea of the monstrosity of it and could find no words. It would destroy the small town charm and everything in its path that we central New Yorkers hold dear! We need to come together and not be bullied! Please click on links to link to the NYRI site for more info in stopping this monster from plagueing the land of our homes. Thank You

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  • Jul 26
    The Colgate Inn,  Hamilton