Now that these holidays are OVER and my kids are some what settled. Nick is in Ithaca scraping by and Aurora will be moving into an ole house that her and her buds are working hard at cleaning up. It's time to wrap up the CD I've been recording since before my father died. It's taken quite a while to actually wrap my head around this reality. As sick as he was, It was a sudden shock. So with Skyway plans pretty much underway and scheduled for June 11 this year at the Hooks Wiltse Field in Hamilton, it's time for me to get the other 7 original songs recorded. This is my first CD where I'm mixing originals with some of my favorite old folk song covers. It seemed such a shame not to add these songs as they bring me a pure sense of gratification in performing them and my listeners, the simple joy of hearing them. While performing last summer at the the Long Lake Author's night, I pulled "Stewball" out as I noticed a lot of younger children in the crowd. I used to sing Stewball to my kids when they were little as it was a favorite of mine being a normal horse loving child myself. While I was packing up a young girl around the age of twenty ran up to me and told me how happy that song made her! She and her family used to sing that song in her childhood whenever they went camping. She said she hasn't heard it since. Well this of course made my day. Driving back down the moonlit dirt road to Stillwater was when I decided to record these favorite covers of mine and get them on the CD. They have been a good therapeutic "balm for sorrow" in dealing with the tornado of feelings I've been beat up with since my father's passing. Funny how these songs come out before the tragedies happen as I wrote Balm For Sorrow a good year before my father passed. 

So! I'm gifting myself with a new CD and my birthday is my new release date! May 19th, 2011 The new disc will be called Year Of Firsts even though it won't be released well into year two. post Dad.

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