2011 has been a roller coaster year to say the least. Everything got in the way of this CD but alas, it is done and is available through iTunes. Look for the link on my home page. Snippets of the 13 songs with the exception of Year of First's, Lucky Lou, Spirit House and Dr. Bronner (which are full length versions as I'm feeling some Christmas generosity) have been uploaded to my Swan Song page. Enjoy them as I will edit the audio times to shorten them back to song samples on December 6th. 

I'd like to thank my old band mate's Ed Vollmer and David Williams for their ukulele and washboard skills on Dr. Bronner. And Steven Skollar for his mandolin work on Damselfly, Year Of First's and Woodchuck And Crow. A HUGE hats off once again to Rich Grant who has spent endless hours mixing my music and editing my art. 

May your holidays be filled with fine food and drink, togetherness, great music and less packaging! Shop Local and download, download, DOWNLOAD!

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