Blessings from South Hamilton! It's 2020 and while this crazy world is spinning out of control, my quiet corner of Central New York is pretty much stand still with the exception of 200 year old home projects and some more song writing and recording. For those new here. I'm a solo acoustic singer/songwriter seasoned for the last 35 years. My music is family friendly with many historical songs of CNY's rich history and cover many folk icons such as Joni Mitchel, Bob Dylan, some older country and folk tunes and music such as this. I play the earlier hours of the evenings and the late hours of the afternoons these days through a Bose sound system accompanied by a Cherry Martin, Taylor 514 CE and a Joes Ramirez Classical all the way from Spain.  My music  can be back ground and is certainly personable and mostly geared for a listening crowd. 

Thanks for wandering over to my website and I hope to add your venue, happy hour, or private party to my upcoming schedule.

Sincerely Pamela Swan




Songs From Mountains East And West, Patchouli Room and Year Of First's are now available on iTunes

 Songs From Mountains East And West and Year Of Firsts can be now be bought on iTunesSongs From Mountains East, West and Year Of Firsts and Wednesdays Riches can now be bought on iTunes!






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