1. Ball Jar

From the recording Ball Jar

A tough year watching my son learning some very hard lessons. All for a good reason and happy endings in sight.


Ball Jar
Pamme Swan ~ Vocals Guitar
 Hayden Zahn ~ Violin
Steven Skollar ~ Mandolin
My garden is growing and growing non stop
The rain fell heavy on the air so hot
The ground drank the water 
And out crept the vines
And he can't come home
Until the snow's a flying
But Lori has jelly and Lisa has jam
I've got pickles and candy yams
Ball Jar Ball Jar 
Big black pot 
Maybe we could get together
For a ball jar swamp
Laundry Laundry On the line
What ya gonna do
While he's doing time
2012 was gonna be his year
To figure out the road and maybe go somewhere
Nightmare in the night the beg for bail
Never would I dream I'd have a kid in jail
He'd go out scrapping metal in an old blue truck
Then go to town and envy the college kids big bucks
He got a job bush hogging chopping root
Now he's scrubbing floors in In an orange jump suit
The mirage ain't so pretty where thieving is big
The cops are all busy in the holes these kids dig
Another runaway in rehab
Another druggie in jail
Our all American kids
Our American fail