From the recording Hard Telling ~ Patchouli Room


Hard Telling
Words and Music 
Pamme Swan
    He’s got 10 Gallon Capacity tattooed on his gut
An more jokes than a line of comics in a Los Angeles night club
  He got a DEE WEE shuttling students from their dorm rooms to the bars
Now he works for the highway department smoothing out the tar
Its hard telling not knowing
    When you’re the last one to know where your going
           Don’t tamper with success 
     In a beautiful  mess 
Kick a horse when it’s down?
  Oh my god and goodness
   Good god No
Iris lost her husband and threw his cane over the hill
She sips cold instant coffee and rations out her pills
There’s dirty cat food dishes on the floor around her feet
And she talks about high fashion on a New York City street
It’s a twinkie on a wall street journal
 An out house with a marble urinal
A church pew in a airport term
Walmart in Mayberry RFD
They get up at the break of day and work for a bowl of  rice
In the sweat shops for a few coins making American merchandise
They sleep in tiny cubicles and they all have the same alarm
And life is good cause here they are a long way from their farms