From the recording Hey Momma Loomis

I get many requests to do this song about the Loomis gang and so it evolves and deserved a new recording. I really love how effective a simple hand clap as percussion can add to the erie drama of this song. 


Hey Momma Loomis
Down in Nine Mile Swamp
With your gang of rowdy robbers
Who hardly ever got caught.
From Canada to Pennsylvania
 Finger Lakes and Vermont
A hundred horses hiding
Down in Nine Mile Swamp
Hey Momma Loomis
Would you do it again
Teach your children to steal
Anything that they can
Something surely tells me 
In a minute you would
The fun ya’ll had looting 
Anything ya could
Hey Momma Loomis 
What cha got under your shawls
Counterfeiting money
Stuffed in the walls
Paint the stolen horses
Saddle up an steal again
Hey Momma Loomis
You were crazy back then
Hey Momma Loomis 
Your parties were grand
Laden tables on a hilltop
Dancing to a band
 Wash  the leader
Grove second in command
Of this whole territory
What fun you all had
Hey Momma Loomis
Ya ain’t the only one corrupt
Bribing politicians to cover it all up
Dead rabbits and plug uglies terrorizing the streets
Its a wonder how anyone ever got any sleep
Hey Momma Loomis
Filkins is coming for your sons
He's riding over from Brookfield
With some men and some guns
Get your girls to divert them 
Go ide 'em the swamp
What a movie this would make
I wish we could talk
Hey Momma Loomis
Do you have any regrets
Now that your home is burnt down 
And you lost all your bets
Plumb is in jail with a rope burn on his neck
Your family broke and murdered 
And your the only one left