1. Osceola

From the recording Osceola

I've have always been smitten with the story of Sally Tucker in my beloved Sherburne Pictorial (page 27) who once lived in the Rexford Falls ravine of my hometown of Sherburne and practiced the ways of her Indian ancestors in the art of medicinal herb lore. Finally after finding the opened tuned chord progression. Her story came through for me in song.


Let me take you back to the old ravine
Where the moss grows north on a woodland tree
A babble brook a tansy fern
A spring water fall a sumac burn
My name is Eliza I would run from town
From the dirty streets to hike up my gown
I started at a rail, ended in the wood
An got good and lost as a silly girl could
Did I frighten you a voice did ask
 Silent as a deer willow wand at task
From where did you come was all I could say
She said follow me I will show you the way
She was one part color
One part white 
One part seminold
Four part pride
She found her heaven in the old ravine
Osceola Indian Queen
 A sin sick city she prevailed
She married four times then up the river she sailed
She landed here in ole  Chenango
Sherburne town became her home
An old canal boat crippled her man 
Yet she saved many lives with her healing hands
From her garden of yarbs  gardens so vast
Every night she lay down on a bed of ever last
Raspberry red and black
It's all understood 
Tokens can't come back
Many a child and weary folk
Sought out her words and the laughing way she spoke
Osceola brought me home
I return now and then when I can't be alone
 Black hair down bright eagle eye
She's as free as the four winds
Across the sunrise
Indian joy know no bounds
Creek mud tinctures and burdock crowns
When she died kindly hands above
Covered her with the the flowers 
She so dearly loved