1. O & W

From the recording O & W

“The festival is a commemoration of an event that happened in September of 1955, when a freight train carrying some Nestle chocolate products passing through Hamilton derailed in the town,” Pangallo said. “Nobody was injured, but the word quickly spread around the village that a train carrying a substantial quantity of chocolates had derailed. The children descended on the unexpected bounty and availed themselves of it.”


The O & W 
Steven Skollar
 In the fall of "55
A legend born went on to thrive
Fifty Six years ago today
So listen close to what I say
The mem'ry sweet the story true
The wreck of the O and W
On a curve behind Club Ed
A switch not thrown somebody said
I could not believe what I was seeing
As the train let out a scream
A childhood dream about to come true
The wreck of the O and W
Tons of metal through the air
Dumbfounded crew could only stare
A boxcar filled with chocolate bars
Now covered the tracks, thick as tar
So whats a kid supposed to do
At the wreck of the O and W
 The diesel sighed as if it was tired
Engineer cried I'm gonna get fired
Switchman crazy waving their flags
At scrambling kids filling their bags 
down  our throats that chocolate flew
Halloween  on the O and W
Old coal trestle on the spot
  bits of old tracks covered in rot
Long ago this flying train
Soared through air in a cocoa rain
A chocolate dream of mine came true
The wreck of the O and W
 Trains are toys now if you please
On tiny tracks 'round Christmas trees
The endless rails still shine in the sun
Time grown like weeds 'tween the rungs
A fleeting glimpse of what we once knew
End of  O and W