From the recording Peace Out Gurl Scout Acoustic

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Peace Out was written 10 years ago last year! Wow how time flies. I recorded it when I was with the Swan Road Trio in Jimmy Wunderlich's Orbital Sound Studio with Jimmy and Scott Kraly. The first recording is a total rock and roll version. I wrote the song as my husband and I escaped New Orleans and Katrina by a mere two days...And because I got kicked out of girl scouts. My Stillwater friend Sally still, after ten years, visit's New Orleans monthly with a church group helping the folk rebuild. She suggested I do an acoustic version of the song as its a favorite of many folks who come to hear me play at Stillwater, I recorded this version in my home studio and mastered it once again at Rich Grant's studio. 


Peace Out Gurl Scout
Pamme Swan
I need a break from this vacation
I need a rest from this holiday
I need a day off from my day off
Need to get some help on the way
Sitting on a jet blue airline 
Katrina I can't believe my eyes
It's looking like some third world country 
Flying home over American skies

You gotta peace out peace out peace out girl scout 
Peace out girl scout now is your time
Shine you badges Iron your sashes
Put down the hand book and read the headlines

I took a steam boat ride up the Mississippi
Now all I hear is that calliope
We left Slidel day before evacuation
I didn't want to meet no hurricane
I got a Mardi Grau mask and a statue of Buddha
A hot rum buzz down on Bourbon Street
Life is life I don't care what color
In the human gumbo of New Orleans
Oh every day another tribulation
Heartache and pain and misery
Pray for their souls and their salvation
Drowning in the waters of Pontratrian
I'm sitting on this Jet Blue airline
Luck be the tear in my eye
New Orleans New Atlantis
I say a sad good bye 
I know Mardi Grau will never die