1. Toy Cowboy

From the recording Toy Cowboy



Toy Cowboy

Steven Skollar


Well I'm just a toy cowboy 

I came from a mold 

I'm a gift for a some child 

I was born to be sold

I'm just a toy cowboy 

And we used to be friends



  My body now brittle and no longer bends

My colors are faded and I've lost my squeak

And I guess its no longer me that you seek




Get a long little kitty 

Life ain't for the faint

All things you thought were true ...  well they ain't 

Get a long little kitty the litters not always clean

You might as well stop worrien about

What might have been


Well I'm just a toy cowboy

With me you can play

I'm a flea market find from a long lost day

I'm just a toy cowboy

Take me down off the shelf

Well I won't raise your consciousness 

And can't fix your health

As  the calendars changes from now until then

Well I'm just a reminder of remember when



Get a long little doggies 

Life aint for the faint

All the things you thought were true

Well they aint

Get along little doggy

A thought for you

Its not what you say but what you do