April 2018 OFF 

In recording mode before the next summer season wishing the snow would stop but alas Mother Nature is quite bipolar this year as winter is shifting ever onward into our spring seasons here in the north east. My hard work last summer and winter has given me the opportunity to buy some new sound equipment for my humble yet "adequate-for-me" music room. While its a not how many gigs I play or how many people I play for attitude these days due to some right hand holding pick holding issues. I'm happy to say…

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Where did 2017 G0? 

It's 11 below zero this morning on the 31st of December. I'm re-stringing to get ready to bundle up and load up to play at the Veteran's Home in Oxford NY. It's been a crazy summer between Stillwater, moving my mother back from Hickory NC, keeping my Country Side up to snuff and all the other nonsense that life has thrown in my face that sadly I've had the time nor the desire to work on my latest collection of songs written and waiting for arrangement. I'm placing bets that this will change in 2018. 


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Getting Over The Winter That Wasn't 

This past winter was disappointing to say the least. Snodeo mid December in Old Forge was a bust. No snow. Christmas rolled in. No snow. Then as chance would have it, some one or a group of someone's hit the right chord and danced the right dance and the snow came. January was filled with a good amount  making the trails and dirt roads rideable. It was so much fun seeing old friends from the winter before. The white out shots were pouring, the kitchen door swinging with trays of food to feed the hungry…

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New Music In The Works 

It's been two years since my friend Steve Skollar and I recorded Wednesdays Riches. A lot has happened in those two years. Not all good I'm sad to say...I have no desire to re-tell, re-live or re-hash any of it as 2016 has started off on a wonderful note. I just don't want to jinx myself. Stillwater is off to a great winter and I'm back in my studio! I recorded an acoustic version of Peace Out Gurl Scout at a friends request and because last year was the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Ten years…

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Stillwater Winter 2016 

I'm one week end in on this years winter season! Two feet of snow buried my Nitro fit with new snow tires that could climb a tree if it had to and the hum of snow mobiles fill the trails. A good little pile of money freshly deposited into my meager and quickly evaporating savings account is hopeful and promising! It's been a year to say the least. Family Illness. Son in Willard and a year since my sister passed. I pray 2016 will be a drama free year, and believe it or not I actually have 7 new songs…

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Wine Dinner Pairing at Stillwater 

Looking forward to the last hurrah at Stillwater and will be playing music to start off the evening! 


Here is this years menu...

First course this year is Cajun Shrimp which will be paired with a Bon Terra, Viognier made from Organic Grapes from California. 

The second course is a  Field Green Salad with Glazed Walnuts and Feta in a White Balsamic Vinaigrette paired with a  Banfi Chianti from the Tuscan Region of Italy.

Third Course is Lemon Chicken Champagne with Sautéed Artichokes and Capers and a…

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Booked From Thailand 

Several weeks ago while visiting my daughter at her place of employment, a gourmet chocolate shop in Hamilton called Maxwells. She told the story of a recent visit to a camp on Big Moose lake where her boyfriend Dylan was doing some wood work. The neighbor came over while she was there and gave her a boat ride around the lake that she really enjoyed. I told her how much I loved Big Moose Lake thinking back to my many gigs at the Big Moose Inn and asked her if she saw the camp with the big bronze moose…

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Sweet Summer Private Parties 

Another summer season getting off to a very wet start. In addition to my Stillwater gigs every Saturday and Sunday. I'm happily adding a few private parties to my summer schedule! My old friend Bob Hankey has contacted me all the way from Thailand to play a few gigs in October at a week long reunion he's hosting on Big Moose. I'm not sure if I'll be playing at the Big Moose Inn or his old camp on the lake. Either one will be special and I'm very much looking forward! Well its thundering outside again…

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No More Swan's At Colgate 

Sadly...Swan's aren't allowed to make their summer homes on Taylor Lake at Colgate University because of some stupid rule being that this bird was introduced to America and not a native species. They will be missed! Photo credit Ed Vollmer. Talk about a throwback! The 80's

A New Season At The Still! 

It's the beginning of a new season at Stillwater and I'll be playing most every Saturday night this summer tho be sure to give a call before driving all the way out. Marian's fine hospitality is totally worth the drive even if I'm not playing. Sadly I won't be at the boat race this year as I'll be at John Prine's show at Ommegang in Cooperstown but I'm sure the race will be a sold out event as the party grows bigger every year! Anyone interested in booking me I'll have Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays and…

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