Booked From Thailand

Several weeks ago while visiting my daughter at her place of employment, a gourmet chocolate shop in Hamilton called Maxwells. She told the story of a recent visit to a camp on Big Moose lake where her boyfriend Dylan was doing some wood work. The neighbor came over while she was there and gave her a boat ride around the lake that she really enjoyed. I told her how much I loved Big Moose Lake thinking back to my many gigs at the Big Moose Inn and asked her if she saw the camp with the big bronze moose statue out front. She didn't remember seeing this particular camp and I proceeded to tell her this was the camp I was so fortunate to stay in when I played at the Big Moose Inn and when the Inn was full. A dream camp. Bob Hankey's camp. I nic-named the camp...Camp Believe...and promised myself if I ever was fortunate enough to have a camp in the ADKS that I would name it Camp Believe because I camp believe I have a camp...Anyway...About a minute after I told Aurora of how beautiful Bob's camp was. I received a text...A TEXT FROM NONE OTHER THAN BOB HANKEY WHOM I HAVEN'T SEEN IN TWO YEARS! Bob sold out everything he owned on Big Moose maybe 5 years ago and now lives in Thailand. I got booked from Thailand to perform a few gigs and he actually requested one the the silliest songs I've ever written from my Songs From Mountains East And West CD, Hankey's Thug...the story song about a squirrel that kept breaking into the camp and breaking all the moose coffee mugs Hankey had been collecting over the years..So I'm really looking forward to playing these gigs as Bob is renting his old camp, all the rooms at the Big Moose Inn as well as a few rooms at the Glenmore and putting up 50 to 60 people for a week! He also hired Stillwater to cater two of the dinners! So this will be a really night hit at the end of the fall season before the snow hopefully flies thick and heavy for the snowmobile season. Life is amazing.

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