Getting Over The Winter That Wasn't

This past winter was disappointing to say the least. Snodeo mid December in Old Forge was a bust. No snow. Christmas rolled in. No snow. Then as chance would have it, some one or a group of someone's hit the right chord and danced the right dance and the snow came. January was filled with a good amount  making the trails and dirt roads rideable. It was so much fun seeing old friends from the winter before. The white out shots were pouring, the kitchen door swinging with trays of food to feed the hungry rare breed of snow mobilers from all over the NE were being served. I also played a respectable amount of music every night while I was there in my other home of Stillwater and bank rolled January.

Then it was February's turn and El Nino showed his traitor head. The rain came, the air warmed and the reservoir ice turned to slush. I went back to Stillwater the first weekend where I caught some plaque which took a good three weeks to get over and that was the end of winter. I haven't been back since. No snow. After several weeks of miserableness, I kicked myself for being so selfish and thought how lucky I was for not having bought a 20,000 dollar sled to be unable to ride, for not owning a business to have to take a loan out to be able to pay the bills on, and for all the produce paid for when January seemed promising and most of it all went waste rotting in the walk in. Many business owners suffered this winter. But what can ya do.

So musically this winter SUCKED! When you are so ill that you couldn't sing a note or no energy to even pick up a guitar. It really sucked. I spent much of the time hauling wood and maintaining the fire. 

I'm healthy again now and eager this spring for sunny weather, kayaking, gardening, hiking and of course music. May is looking good with some nice gigs.

i had another surprise earlier this month as a group of Anne La Bastille fans held a slide show event in memory of all the many place she visited around the world in her war of saving the planet from all its many ecological in justices. This event was held in the downstairs auditorium of the Munson Proctors Williams Museum in Utica NY. I went to the show and it was packed. I couldn't get in. I learned later that there was a slide of me playing my song Ode To Anne at her memorial. It the little things! I glowed so happy to be part of this amazing woman's life if only for one song and one slide even though I never had the chance to meet her.

My daughter Aurora turned 28 list past Sunday which is hard to believe and my son Nick finally has his ball rolling in the right direction. KNOCK ON WOOD!

Farther the next CD is working low and slow...I no longer have the desire to pump out CD's like I once did. I'll happen when it does.

All is well.

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