Where did 2017 G0?

It's 11 below zero this morning on the 31st of December. I'm re-stringing to get ready to bundle up and load up to play at the Veteran's Home in Oxford NY. It's been a crazy summer between Stillwater, moving my mother back from Hickory NC, keeping my Country Side up to snuff and all the other nonsense that life has thrown in my face that sadly I've had the time nor the desire to work on my latest collection of songs written and waiting for arrangement. I'm placing bets that this will change in 2018. 

I'll be playing unplugged throughout the winter, which is off to a very cold and snowy start, at my usual jaunt, my beloved Stillwater Hotel and will grab a few here and there at Good Nature Brewery. I hate gigging in the winter and I say this with growing old tenderness.

Meanwhile Cheers! Here's to a new year filled with less political bull and more loving and kindness.

Peace Out! 


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